At Arcwise, we believe your clunky, overburdened, locally-saved spreadsheets don’t have to hold you, your team, or your business back. We’re building collaboration tools that help everyone work in spreadsheets with the same high-value principles used by data scientists.

Why? Because we want you to help your teams tackle problems based on mutual trust and understanding and create outputs that allow everyone to live long and prosper.

Our Team

Rahul Bali

Co-Founder (CEO)

Spreadsheet maniac and business leader. Led business teams at small start ups, mid size companies, and international behemoths. Ex-Director at Flexport; Ex-HSBC

Hanson Wang

Co-Founder (CTO)

Full stack engineer and ML engineer. Ex-Meta on Looper ML platform. 12th at collegiate 2011 ACM-ICPC World Finals; IOI medalist

James Davis

Co-Founder (CDO)

Career data scientist, data leader, and former professor (UIUC). Ex-Flexport, Ex-Uber; award-winning papers in operations research

Santiago Archila

Founding Engineer

Full stack engineer and data engineer. PhD Neuroscience from Emory University; Software Engineer at Change.org, Clover Health, and tech lead of Data Platform team at Allbirds

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