Our mission

At Arcwise, we’re untangling the complexity of modern data tools to make analytics and data science accessible to anybody.

Data volume worldwide is growing rapidly with no signs of stopping, at +23% year-over-year. Advancements in data infrastructure have made it possible to crunch all of it remarkably cheaply and quickly. But all of that has resulted in an overwhelming explosion of tooling, of which only a small fraction is accessible to non-coders.

Business users today are incredibly frustrated with feeling locked out from the data and tools that they need. To start with, we're building a platform on top of the trusty spreadsheet - it’s been around for over 43 years and has an estimated billion users across the world, but hasn’t evolved to keep up with the pace of modern data.

Arcwise is the missing tool that would have saved years of person-hours at Flexport, where business-critical data applications would have taken days and not months to move from spreadsheets to Python.

Meet the team

Rahul Bali
Rahul Bali
Co-Founder (CEO)

At Flexport, Rahul led a team of analysts, project managers, and operators on forecasting, pricing and inventory optimization programs.

He has felt the pain of the problem Arcwise is solving for 10+ years, and is really passionate to build a platform that helps solve it.

Hanson Wang
Hanson Wang
Co-Founder (CTO)

At Meta, Hanson was the tech lead for the Looper machine learning platform used at Meta by nearly 100 teams across the company.

He's seen the tremendous impact that democratizing ML and data-driven decisions can have first-hand, and is super excited about continuing that mission through Arcwise.

James Davis
James Davis
Co-Founder (Chief Data Scientist)

James has a passion for simple solutions to complex problems, both in industry and as a former professor. He is currently a Principal Data Scientist at Gopuff and was one of the first data scientists at Flexport where he solved pricing, logistics, and allocation problems. Prior to that he worked at Uber on surge pricing.

He has distilled cutting edge techniques into practical algorithms and is excited to bring this to a wider audience with Arcwise.

Santiago Archila
Santiago Archila
Founding Engineer

Before joining Arcwise, Santiago was the tech lead for the data platform team at Allbirds. In that role, he collaborated with many different kinds of data users and developed a passion for how data is used at organizations, how the barrier-to-entry to its usage can be lowered, and how its impact can be maximized.

He's excited to channel that passion as a founding engineer at Arcwise.

What's next?

Work with us

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