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Instantly understand, clean, and ingest data in Sheets with the AI behind ChatGPT.
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Coming soon... Arcwise AI with GPT-4 ✨

We're rolling out early access to GPT-4 powered suggestions in the coming days! 🎉 Ready for 10x better formula suggestions and sheet explanations?
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Chat with your spreadsheet

Ask questions about your spreadsheet, like

"What does this sheet do?"
"Describe all the calculation interdependencies in A10:D20?"

It's like ChatGPT embedded in Sheets!

AI formula assistance

Get AI-generated, context-aware formula suggestions with links to relevant StackOverflow posts.

We can often infer the formula without any input at all!

Clean data, scrape data, and more

📅 Format dates: “reformat date column to YYYY/MM/DD”
🧼 Extract text: ”Normalize this list of messy addresses”
💬 Summarize text: ”Summarize each response as a haiku”
🌐 Scrape content from browser tabs into tables
… and so much more

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