🎉 We're launching Arcwise AI, the copilot for Google Sheets! Check it out here.

in your spreadsheet

Arcwise is the low-code platform for data apps that brings the power of Python, SQL & ML to everyone.

Bridging the gap between business and data science

We're building the data science workbench for everyone
Connect your data
Automatically import data from all your sources, scalably and quickly.
Auto analytics
Get to insights fast with AI-assisted analytics and visualizations.
No-code data recipes
No Python? No problem. Arcwise comes with 100s of pre-written recipes for data transformations, cleaning, and even ML modeling. Or, collaborate with your experts and write custom Python/R/SQL.
Build end-to-end data apps
Automate workflows and build dashboards for your stakeholders. Operationalize your data by uploading it back where you need it. All from your spreadsheet.

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We're still alpha testing, but we'd love to have you on board!
Tell us a bit about yourself and your use case and we'll get you into our early access program. Space is limited!