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Paired Blog Text: Your team gets a request for a piece of analysis. Because of the world we live in, we’re very likely going to get the data we need in a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet is huge, clunky, and completely unknowable by anyone other than the person who slaved over the original copy. The spreadsheet owner did their best, and it’s the environment they know. But it also creates a week of busy work, tying up your team with the work they least want to do and pushing them ever closer to burnout.

Image Description: an unreadable spreadsheet with errors and incorrect and a scene of frustration/exasperation (maybe hands up or using !?!?!)

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Paired Blog Text: Today, the closest anyone can get to “last mile analytics” is a combination of Python notebooks, spreadsheets, and ad hoc applications. Unfortunately, that solution is also another iteration of the problem we’ve just described. It lacks a shared space to collaborate and still creates way too much busy work for way too many people.

Image Description: a scene of multiple non-descript software tools open plus spreadsheets

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Paired Blog Text: Here’s how it works: you can receive crazy spreadsheets from your business teams, so they can keep working where they’re comfortable. Arcwise translates spreadsheets into SQL, so when your data team receives it, they see it in their native space. We cut out a week of work for every spreadsheet, so you can expand the impact of your team with the resources you have.

Image description: an image you’d otherwise use in a demo? Spreadsheets in and SQL out? Similar to the one you have under Real team collaboration on the home page